General Objectives

Promoting access to profitable markets for handmade textile products adapted to demand requirements


Swiss Cooperation

Implementation period: 2008-2012

Coverage Area

National territory


Contribute in boosting the craft textile sector and reinforcing its capacity to generate sustainable employment and income by emphasizing the value of cotton and local know-how.

Specific objectives / Expected outcomes

  • Develop the market for clothing, home textiles, professional outfits and the organic and fair trade niche.
  • Develop the capacities of partner promoters to respond effectively and sustainably to market demand.
  • Promote the establishment of effective connections between stakeholders at different levels, supporting the dynamics of networks, multi-stakeholder cooperation and synergy.

Direct beneficiaries

  • Craftsmen from various stages of the textile/cotton industry: spinners, dyers, weavers, seamstresses.
  • Socio-professional organizations of players in the sector.

Few Results 

  • 61 new jobs created within supported companies.
  • Higher revenues for companies
  • 100% of companies/cooperatives that have benefited from the program's local support have increased their revenues.
  • Sales generated by the creation of new market opportunities for craftspeople: dyed yarn, furniture, event products (50th anniversary loincloths, March 08), organic products, direct sales at specific trade events (SIAO, Abidjan, Germany, Niger, etc.).
  • Diversification of product portfolio: organic textiles, home furnishings, event textiles.
  • Emergence of a niche market for organic textiles (François 1er, AZPF (Association Zoodo pour la Promotion de la Femme), Sougouri Mogaré.
  • Cultural specificities (symbols, motifs, cuts) of 7 cultural areas capitalized on (CDs, brochures) and promoted by artisans.
  • Strengthening of political will to promote craft textiles.
  • Existence of quality standards for key products.
  • Structuring the sector by setting up inter-link cooperatives and expert groups.