General Objectives

Contribute to improving food security in the Eastern region by increasing and securing the income of agropastoral producers.


The program is financed by the Swiss Cooperation through a grant of 8.8 billion CFA francs.

Coverage Area

The program covers the entire eastern region (5 provinces and 27 communes).

Specific objectives / Expected outcomes

  • Production and productivity are boosted in priority agropastoral sectors
  • Agrosilvopastoral stakeholders boost their incomes
  • Agroforestry sectors generate decent jobs for young people

Direct beneficiaries

Agrosilvopastoral farms, producer organizations, processing units and their networks, processors of agropastoral products and their organizations, product marketing operators, suppliers of goods and services to farms and processing units, local authorities responsible for local planning, land development and the management of certain projects. 

Implementation Partners

Decentralized Technical Services, Chamber of Agriculture and umbrella organization, Conseil National de l'Agriculture Biologique au Burkina Faso (CNABio), INERA, IRSAT, ABNORM, NGOs (ARFA, ANSD, TINTUA, FIMBA), DGEF, Projects and Programs (REGIS, PSAE, NEERTANBA, PRIAA, PCESA Component A and B, DEPAC Component B, Projet DDC Formation professionnelle, private operators (BARIKA, Bioprotect, COCIMA, Agrifinance, RCPB, ABF, FONAFI).

Some results to December 31, 2020 

  • Increase and secure production areas by rehabilitating dams and developing/securing 335 ha, including 154.5 ha for rice production and 216.25 ha for market gardening in the off-season.
  • Mobilization of 3,938,000 m3 of water, including an additional 435,066 m3 for agroforestry production through : 
  • rehabilitation of 2 dams
  • 6 pastoral boulis and one market gardening boulis
  • 203,250 head of cattle and 210,000 head of small ruminants watered during critical periods.
  • Increased yields on developed and rehabilitated rice-growing sites: yields rose from 1.79 t/ha before program intervention to 4.9 t/ha.
  • Increase in production on supported production sites: 47% rate of increase for all initiatives supported (specific rate of 74% for market garden crops).
  • Securing 58 production, production support and processing areas (including 28 classified as community land and 6 acquired for socio-professional organizations).
  • Provision of equipment for 3,401 producers, including 2,812 women
  • Easier access to agrometeorological information (AMI) for an active agro-pastoral population estimated at 500,000 people, over 50% of whom are women.
  • Strengthening processing, marketing and storage capacities: 13 unités de transformation réalisées et équipées, 
  • 5 units equipped with processing and drilling equipment
  • 5 fully-equipped warehouses
  • 1 livestock market for 15,255 breeders, including 7,781 women
  • Market access :
  • 995 tonnes of parboiled rice for 121 tonnes of NTFP products for 550,269,160 FCFA 
  • 2,265 tonnes of paddy rice and 9,874 tonnes of market garden produce for a total of 3,159,461,245 FCFA 
  • Institutional market: 5 communes involved, 3 steaming organizations awarded contracts
  • Job creation for 5,211 people in rural and peri-urban areas, including 3,547 women.